charli chair


Product Code : Cchair

 innovative and well designed bathing shower chair for newborn upto 17kg - 37lbs. this 2 in 1 bath and shower chair can be used as a baby bath by filling the chair with water , safely fasten baby in the lightweight seat then use  the easy twist drainage system allowing you to towel  dry baby comfortably    without bending,   kneeling or lifting. this system is fantastic for adults that have experienced  back problems or undergone a c- section. the charli chair will stand independenty, comfortably fitting shower bases from 90cm x 90cm , ideal for homes without a bathtub and safe to use in wet rooms. the charli chair is quicker and uses less water than other baby bathing systems , saving you time and money and and is also  enviromentally  friendly.  easily  portable and height adjustable,  with reclining seat and 5 point adjustable  safety straps,  this lightweight  aluminium frame design weighing 3kg is a must have for all modern homes.
easy to wipe clean. 
frame is aluminium, weighing 3kg including the plastic seat and straps. fully tested and meets all european and  u.s. safety standards